Online Store

I often have items i have ready made for sale, please check back regulary for new items, I tems featured on here can be customised or if you wish to have a custom item made please email me

Boys Apron

£ 4.00 

boys apron can be personalized


small bunting

£ 6.00 

Small Bunting, can be personalized

very hungery caterpillar cushion

£ 13.00 

handmade from the very hungery caterpillar fabric

very hungery caterpillar cushion cover

£ 9.50 

Handmade from the very hungery caterpillar fabric, this item is just the cover


Small bag

£ 6.50 

New bag available, Staps can be cut to buyers choice

childs apron

£ 4.00 

age 4-5 childs handmade apron


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